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  Pierre-Louis Graizon was born in Montpellier in 1992. He graduated with honours from ESBAMA in 2013, and obtained his master's degree at les Beaux Arts de Nantes with congratulations of the jury in 2015. He obtained his master's degree from the Accessories master at La Cambre in 2018 and is currently living and working in Bruxelles.

 His work tends to question the role of distinction in the constitution of one’s identity nowadays,  the ambivalence of this quest for exception in a globalized society, as well as the consequences for a mediatically exposed and staged individual life.




2022/ Moderne Art Fair with Atelier Jespers (Paris)

2022/ Collaboration with fashion designer Izzy Du for Provenance collection

2022/ Collaboration with choreographer Marcelle Gressier and Giulia Romitelli for TEXERE

2022/ Group show A voir et déjà vu, Maison des Arts (Brussels)

2022/ Group show Homo Faber, Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venice)

2022/ Guest speaker for CIEE Art History class (Paris)

2022/ Group show Tarot, Summum Architecture (Paris)

2021/ Group show 20 A Tribute to Talent, Noon Consulting Art (Brussels)

2021/ Biennial De Mains de Maîtres with La Cambre, 19 Liberté (Luxembourg)

2021/ Luxembourg Art Week with Galerie Félix Frachon (Luxembourg)

2021/ Open Studio for Brussels Design September Arts & Crafts

2021/ LEAF with Galerie Félix Frachon, Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain (Brussels)

2021/ Solo show Beneath, Galerie Félix Frachon (Brussels)

2020/ Group show Chapter 4, Galerie Félix Frachon (Brussels)

2020/ Group show, design Brussels launch, Area 42 (Brusssels)

2020/ Solo show, Summum Architecture (Paris)

2019/ Group show Itinérance 19, avec Atelier Jespers, Espace Vanderborght (Brussels)

2019/ Group show HEADS, Galerie Félix Frachon (Brussels)

2019/ Art Elysées, with Atelier Jespers (Paris)

2019/ Beirut Design Fair, with Atelier Jespers (Beirut)

2019/ Group show Itinerance 14, Area 42 (Brussels)

2019/ Art Brussels, with Galerie Félix Frachon, Tours et Taxi (Brussels)

2019/ Group show Itinerance 12 - Conversation, Atelier Pierre Bonnefille (Paris)

2019/ Collectible Fair, with Atelier Jespers, espace Vanderborght (Brussels)

2019/ Group show Human Art Days, Beffroi de l'hôtel de ville (Arras)

2019/ Group show Itinerance 09, BOZAR (Brussels)

2018/ Group show Triennale des Amis de La Cambre, Avenue Louise 425 (Brussels)

2018/ Group show Stadsgardeville, Former Atelier Coppens (Brussels)

2018/ Group show Human Art Days, Hotel de Guînes (Arras)

2018/ Fashion show Cuise Collection, Nouvelle Collection Paris, La Panacée (Montpellier)

2018/ Collectible Art Fair, with Galerie Félix Frachon, espace Vanderborght (Brussels)

2018/ Group show Continent des Anecdotes, Galerie Félix Frachon (Brussels)

2018/ Fashion show Racket 3.14 (Paris)

2017/ Group show 23d floor, World Trade Center (Brussels)

2017/ Group show Jardin Maritime 3, Jardin Maritime space, (Brussels)

2017/ Duo show with Pascale Rémita Entre-deux, précipité , Gallery RDV (Nantes)

2017/ Group show Jardin Maritime #2, Jardin Maritime space (Brussels)

2017/ Group Show NU (Brussels)

2016/ Duo show with Julien Dartois L’âme en sautoir, Foundation Pioch Pelat (Castelnau le Lez)

2016/ Group show Jardin Maritime #1, Jardin Maritime space (Brussels)

2016/ Solo show WE AINT PLAYIN, Gallery A côté du 69 (Nantes)

2015/ Group show Deutsch Süd-Koreanische Freundscha , Dulcie Gallery (Nantes)

2015/ Pop Up store, Distance Focale, Opium (Nantes)

2014/ Group show following workshop, K-ARTS (Séoul)

2014/july - september/ internship editorial content, CLM-BBDO (Paris)

2014/ Group show, for the opening of Salon Atelier Galerie’s new space (Paris)

2013/ Group show Mais qui sont-ils vraiment ? Vous êtes qui ?, Coïncidence shop (Paris)

2013/ Booklaunch #sanstitre, co-written with Sa a Bahmed-Schwartz and Samuel Gordey, during Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais (Paris)

2013/ Group show Ah t’es comme ça toi ?, la Jarry (Vincennes)

2013/ Group show Eclectique ?, hôtel Sabatier d’Espeyran (Montpellier)

2013/ Group show Buzz#04, gallery Aperto (Montpellier)

2012/ Publication in l’Encyclopédie du rap, éditions Bahmed&Schwartz

2011/september/ Assistant for Michel Gressier, during his residency at maison Paul Dardé